Meydan Free Zone

Established in February 2009, Meydan Free Zone is a modern economic free zone in the heart of Dubai and is proximate to the most important landmarks of the emirate, giving investors several strategic benefits. As a Channel Partner of Meydan Free ZoneSoha Asia Follow-up Services is here to assist you on your journey to opening your company and growth in Dubai.

Meydan Free Zone is located in one the most prestigious locations in Dubai, Nad Al Sheba, and is near Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, close to the Dubai Logistics Corridor, and some of the busiest business areas of Dubai such as the Downtown and Business Bay. A modern economic free zone in the heart of Dubai, Meydan free zone is close to the most important landmarks of the emirate, which gives investors several strategic benefits.



Through establishing your company in Meydan Free Zone you will have a premium address which will give your company credibility and a competitive edge. Moreover, with offices inside The Meydan 5-star hotel, designed for urban elegance, you will be basing your company in a luxury environment with stunning views. The location of the free zone will keep you away from the Dubai traffic and yet, it is close enough for connectivity. In addition, Meydan Free Zone is home to Dubai World Cup, the world's richest horse race and you can enjoy the world-famous Meydan horseracing track view through your office in the Meydan Hotel. To further add to the many advantages of establishing a company in Meydan Free Zone, we must add access to a premium golf course.

While it is easy to get carried away with the endless advantages of where Meydan Free Zone is located, its location is not the only incentive that makes Meydan Free Zone the perfect place for your company establishment. In addition to the usual advantages of establishing a company in a free zone in Dubai, such as:

  • A tax-free environment, 0 corporate as well as 0 import or export tax
  • 100% foreign ownership,
  • Full repatriation of profit and capital
  • The strategic location of Dubai and the UAE, especially regarding logistics

To name a few, Meydan Free Zone has features that turn establishing a company in this free zone into a unique opportunity. These features include;

  • Flexibility for all business needs

By establishing a company in Meydan Free Zone, you can have multiple business activities using a single license! For example, you can operate an e-commerce unit, a marketing agency, or a management consulting firm with a single license. In Meydan Free Zone, you have the flexibility to combine up to 3 business activity groups from various sectors in your trade license without any additional charge!

  • Easy bank account setup
  • MOFA approved Business License
  • Instant IBAN
  • Bank Account in 4 days
  • Over 3500 Business License Activities
  • Exclusive Community Benefits
  • 24/7 office facility access
  • Fast company setup and residence visa processing


Formation Types

You can open two different types of companies, in terms of formation, in Meydan Free Zone;


A. Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)

A Limited Liability Company is a company in which the owner(s) will be safe from any liabilities, debt, and other financial obligations that might result from the business activities of the company, therefore the owner(s) can rest assured that their financial investment in the company limits their liability to that amount.

A limited liability company can have a single shareholder or multiple ones who can be a natural person (individual) or a legal person (company).


B. Branch/Representative Office

If you choose to establish a branch of your existing business in Meydan Free Zone, it would inherit the original business's entire legal formation and organizational structure. Through opening a branch of your foreign company in Meydan Free Zone, you can carry the same business activity while holding 100% ownership of the branch company and its profits.




While filling your application form for opening establishing a company in Meydan Free Zone, you will be able to choose among four options:

  • Shared Desk
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Shared Office
  • Dedicated Office

The cost of company registration and obtaining residency in Meydan free zone is AED 25,000  per year.

All these are set in the above-mentioned Meydan Hotel in the heart of Dubai.

Soha Group of companies declares its readiness to provide services, free of charge (governmental fees only).


The list of banks you can open bank accounts in Meydan Free Zone:







For further information, inquiries, and consultation regarding opening your company in Meydan Free Zone, starting the company establishment process, and/or choosing the right free zone for you, you can contact our advisors at Soha Asia Follow-up Services and Soha Global Marketing Services.