Dubai Multi Commodities Centre(DMCC)

DMCC stands for Dubai Multi Commodities Centre. It is the world’s No.1 Free Zone and that is located in the Jumeirah Lake Towers district of Dubai and created in 2002. AE DMCC is one of the largest and fastest-growing free zones in the UAE, supporting a wide range of industries, particularly in the commodities sector.




Table of Contents:

  • BENEFITS of investing in DMCC
  • Why DMCC?
  • Comprehensive leasing services
  • What life is like at DMCC?



DMCC offers several advantages to businesses and investors, making it an attractive destination for companies looking to establish their presence in Dubai and the wider Middle East region. Here are some key advantages of DMCC:

  • 100% foreign ownership,
  • Zero personal and corporate tax,
  • No restrictions on capital repatriation,
  • Simplified company setup process,
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits,
  • No personal or corporate income taxes


Also, DMCC has other advantages, which we will briefly mention below:

1. Strategic Location:

 Dubai is a global hub for trade and business, serving as a bridge between the East and the West. DMCC's prime location within Dubai provides excellent connectivity to major global markets, making it an ideal base for international trade and expanding business networks.

2. Business Hub:

 DMCC is a leading global trade and business hub, serving as a home for businesses across various sectors, including commodities, agriculture, energy, precious metals, diamonds, and more. It provides an environment for international companies to set up their operations in Dubai and access global markets.

3. Commodities Exchange:

DMCC operates a commodities exchange known as the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX). DGCX is the largest derivatives exchange in the Middle East and offers a wide range of futures contracts, including gold, silver, currencies, energy, and agricultural products.

4. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility:

 DMCC is committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It has taken initiatives to promote environmental sustainability, such as the implementation of Dubai's first energy-efficient building regulations and the formation of the 'Agriota E-Marketplace' to enhance transparency and efficiency in the agricultural supply chain.

5. Infrastructure and Facilities:

 DMCC provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern office spaces, and advanced business facilities, ensuring a conducive environment for companies to operate and grow their businesses. The free zone features world-class infrastructure, including high-speed internet connectivity, transportation networks, and efficient logistics services.

6. Business Support Services:

 DMCC offers a comprehensive range of business support services, including assistance with company formation, licensing, and administrative processes. Additionally, DMCC provides access to professional services such as legal, accounting, and banking, helping businesses navigate through regulatory requirements and operational challenges.

7. Networking and Collaboration:

 DMCC fosters a vibrant business community with numerous networking events, seminars, and industry-specific initiatives. It provides opportunities for companies to connect, collaborate, and explore mutually beneficial partnerships. The free zone also hosts trade fairs, exhibitions, and conferences, attracting global industry players.

8. Employee Advantages:

When you work at DMCC, you will receive a competitive salary and a first-rate benefit package appropriate for your position.

Fulfilling annual leave

  • A remarkable base salary
  • Accommodation allowances, transportation allowances
  • Corporate free programs, including long-term incentive plans
  • Medical and life insurance coverage,
  • Free covered parking
  • Retail discount




Every single DMCC employee will be eligible for training to ensure that you develop a terrific career in DMCC. They promote higher education, professional membership, and a variety of training courses in addition to professional certifications.

Graduate Development Program in Arab Emirates:

Supporting the nation's upcoming business leaders have great importance to Emirati Graduate Development Program. For gifted and extremely ambitious Emiratis, Almas Tower offers a 12-month paid program to assist them to learn new things and develop new abilities. The program participants will be sent on the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited training course.

At the end of the program, participants will be given the opportunity to pursue a career at DMCC and will be given priority over all other applicants

DMCC's transparent and comprehensive awards program recognizes outstanding employees for outstanding performance, contribution and dedication through an internal voting system throughout the year, employees received The Unsung Hero Award, The Leadership Award

DMCC offers access to LinkedIn Learning, professional certifications, higher education support, and professional memberships in addition to a wide range of training.


comprehensive leasing services

DMCC provides comprehensive leasing services to companies looking to establish their presence in Dubai. Whether you need office spaces, warehouses, or retail units, DMCC offers a variety of leasing options to cater to different business requirements. Here are some key leasing services provided by DMCC:

1. Office Spaces: DMCC offers a wide range of office spaces, from small offices to large corporate headquarters, to accommodate businesses of all sizes and sectors. These office spaces are equipped with modern amenities, state-of-the-art technology, and flexible layouts to meet the unique needs of each business. The office buildings within DMCC's designated areas, such as Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), provide a vibrant business environment with excellent connectivity and supporting facilities.

2. Retail Spaces: For businesses in the retail industry, DMCC provides retail units in prime locations across its free zone. These spaces are suitable for various retail outlets, including shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and more. DMCC's retail spaces offer a favorable environment for businesses to showcase their products and services, attracting both local and international customers.

3. Warehouses: DMCC understands the importance of logistics and trade-related operations for businesses dealing with commodities. Therefore, it offers convenient warehouse facilities within the free zone. These warehouses are equipped with modern infrastructure, efficient storage systems, and logistics support to handle the storage, distribution, and transportation needs of commodity trading companies.

4. Land Plots: DMCC also provides land plot leasing options for businesses with specific project requirements, especially in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, or specialized operations. Leasing land plots within the free zone allows businesses to customize their facilities according to their specific needs and requirements.

It's worth mentioning that DMCC offers flexible lease terms and competitive rental rates to suit the varied needs of businesses. The leasing process with DMCC involves application submission, document verification, and signing the tenancy agreement. Additionally, DMCC provides a dedicated customer service team to assist businesses throughout the leasing process and during their stay within the free zone.

What life is like at DMCC?


  • Gala dinners

The Annual Social Calendar recurring feature is designed to give you the chance to unwind and get to know your colleagues in a relaxed and informal way.


  • Sports activities

Forget elevators and enjoy climbing the stairs every week at Almas Tower. It's a great cardio workout on the 62nd floor and a chance to burn off the. And if that's not enough, join the DMCC Running Team for the Dubai Marathon, Half Marathon, Bloomberg Square and Walk for Diabetes.


  • Family fun day

Each year DMCC hosts a fun family day in a beautiful green park near the offices to help the employees' families get to know each other. It's also a great excuse to get outside and relax in the sun


  • Health and wellness

DMCC invests not only in the physical health of its employees, but also in their minds and spirits


  • Employee town halls

“Town Hall” meetings where the whole company has the opportunity to share experiences. An opportunity to recognize great achievements by recognizing the best employees and building strong and open communication across the company.  




Soha Group of companies declares its readiness to provide services, free of charge (governmental fees only).



Company Setup Standard Pricing:




Business Rules


AED 1,035

Once, per application



AED 9,020

Once, per application


Articles of Association (AoA)

AED 2,020

Once, per application

Not applicable for branch setup


AED 20,285


Licence fees may vary if additional activities are chosen. For more details, please refer to ‘Licensing Services – Renewal’ in this schedule of charges

Establishment Card

AED 1,825




Company Setup Packages Pricing




Business Rules

1-Year Package

Basic Biz Package

AED 35,484


One time

Inclusive of VAT and Knowledge & Innovation Dirhams

Jump Start Package - Standard Flexi Desk

AED 43,780

Inclusive of VAT and Knowledge & Innovation Dirhams, non-refundable

Jump Start Package - Co-Working Space

AED 51,129


Prime Plus

AED 38,145

Inclusive of VAT and Knowledge & Innovation Dirhams, non-refundable

2-Years Package


Jump Start Package - Standard Flexi Desk with instalments

AED 88,918

Inclusive of VAT and Knowledge & Innovation Dirhams, non-refundable

Jump Start Package - Standard Flexi Desk without instalments

AED 81,881

Inclusive of VAT and Knowledge & Innovation Dirhams, non-refundable

3-Years Package


Jump Start Package - Standard Flexi Desk with instalments

AED 123,572

Inclusive of VAT and Knowledge & Innovation Dirhams, non-refundable

Jump Start Package - Standard Flexi Desk without instalments

AED 120,000

Inclusive of VAT and Knowledge & Innovation Dirhams, non-refundable

Prime Plus Package – with instalments

AED 79,145

Inclusive of VAT and Knowledge & Innovation Dirhams, non-refundable

Prime Plus Package – without instalments

AED 76,100

Inclusive of VAT and Knowledge & Innovation Dirhams, non-refundable





Leasing Services




Business Rules

 Office (Core & Shell)

AED 60-150 /Sq. Ft.

Upon start of tenancy

Deposit + Rent in in two instalments, payable in advance.

Office (Fitted)

AED 75-180 /Sq. Ft.


AED 16,000 - 19,000

Upon start of tenancy

Admin Charges, Deposit and Rent in one instalment, payable in advance.



To get more information about investment conditions in free zones of Dubai, please contact Soha Asia Follow Up Services consultants.




Updated on : 12.09.2023